From the distance of a few yards, there might be nothing distinctive about Lee Parrish, nothing you could put your finger on, and yet, if she were to walk into a room, you would notice her. And if you were with her, I’d always thought, you could walk into any room.

For quiet, cautious, and restless college freshman Vivian Feld, real life begins the day she moves in with the enigmatic Lee Parrish — daughter of a legendary, died-too-young musician, Jesse Parrish, and model-turned-fashion designer, Linda West — and Lee's audiophile roommate Andy Elliott.

When a one-night stand fractures the intimate rapport between Lee and Andy, Lee turns to Viv, inviting her into a glamorous, unpredictable world: an intoxicating mix of privilege, creativity, and possibility. It is the beginning of a friendship that will inexorably shape both women.

More than a decade later, Viv is married to Andy and Lee is seemingly out of the picture, until she reappears, with a request: she wants Viv to help her find the lost album her father was recording before his death. Holding on to a life-altering secret and ambivalent about her path, Viv allows herself to be pulled into Lee’s world once again, drawn by the chance – as impossible as it is irresistible – to rekindle the magic and mystery of their youth.

In an evocative voice that blends wry humor and melancholy, The Sun in Your Eyes explores the subtleties of memory, identity, and the complex relationships that make us who we are.

The Sun in Your Eyes is available for purchase at your local independent bookstore or online at IndieBound, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.